Love Your Home Again With Our Pool Renovation Service.

At Simunye Pool Services, we specialize in pool renovations that breathe new life into your old pool and backyard. Our team of experienced and professional pool renovations experts can make your outdated backyard a beautiful oasis.

Swimming Pool Renovations Sandton

Do you have an existing pool that needs a revamp? Simunye Pool Services provides complete concrete swimming pool renovations in Sandton. With over 24 years’ experience, we can custom design your pool renovation and remodel to suit both your budget and lifestyle.

Should You Renovate Your Pool?

Are you wondering whether you need a swimming pool renovation? Sandton homeowners renovate and resurface their home pools for a variety of reasons, most of which relate to:

  • Enhancing your lifestyle
  • Adding real value to your home
  • Making your swimming pool will be safer and more appealing

Additional reasons for swimming pool renovations include:

  • Resurfacing protects the pool shell, maximises water retention and improves water quality
  • A comprehensive renovation project provides the opportunity to carry out overdue pool repairs
  • Turning an eyesore into a lifestyle-enhancing feature that you can be proud of

And there are many more. Whether your pool is old, leaking and in need of repairs or a long overdue update, Simunye Pool Services is here to help

Sandton  Pool Renovations Experts

We have been specialising in inground swimming pools since 1997. Simunye Pool Services is a leading provider ofswimming pool renovations in Sandton. Our focus for our concrete pool repairs in Sandton include:

  • Pool resurfacing and pool repairs
  • Reshaping existing concrete pools
  • Leaking pools — We check for and treat cracks with a water penetration prevention product that crystallises when water penetrates through the concrete. This prevents water penetration.
  • Pool concrete cancer repair — Depending on the severity of rust, we may use a variety of specialist techniques to restore your pool. This may require the removal of rusted steel bars which we treat with our water penetration prevention products.
  • Pool plumbing pressure testing — We pressure test pool pipes to 100 psi. This makes sure there are no cracks or weak points in the pipework.

Our experienced tradesmen specialise in pool construction, renovations and repairs. They can transform your existing pool to enhance your lifestyle and add value to your home. When we provide a complete swimming pool refurbishment for Sandton homeowners, we remove all interiors prior to installing the new interior. This ensures your fresh new pool interior is completely solid and has the best finish possible.

Along with swimming pool renovations, Simunye Pool Services also designs and builds premium quality inground concrete pools across Sandton. An extensive range of options and features are available to customise your new swimming pool to suit your needs.  

Pool Renovations Sandton

Why Choose Simunye Pool Services to Renovate Your Swimming Pool? 

For concrete pool renovations that transform tired old swimming pools into appealing oases, look no further than Simunye Pool Services. We provide a complete pool makeover service across Sandton with no pool renovation project too complicated or difficult for our experts.

  • We specialise in swimming pool renovations
  • Most of our business comes from referrals from happy customers
  • We provide professional workmanship and guarantee personal service

To assure the quality of our work a qualified pool builder will be on site throughout the pool makeover. They will ensure every aspect of the pool renovation process is managed to the highest industry standards.

Ready to Get Your Pool Restoration Project Underway?

A pool renovation is very cost effective, especially if you consider the extra costs involved in buying and selling property. Why not contact Simunye Pool Services on 073 285 4360 or 081 433 8584 and start exploring your swimming pool renovation options today?

Customers reviews

The Simunye Pool Services team is phenomenal! They have been so helpful and prompt, coming to our rescue when we were in a bind. When the pump stopped priming I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix it – until they came through to fix it on Saturday evening. These guys rock!
Adam Dube
Happy Customer
Simunye Pool Services saved the day for me! I had no idea what to do when my pumps went out and all of a sudden, our pool was looking green. He replaced our broken pump that same day at an affordable price which also included getting it up-to-date on chemicals while vacuuming out any pesky debris or leaves.
Natelie Smith
Happy Customer
I have been a client of Simunye Pool Services for a year and a half now. Their work is exceptional and I highly recommend them for all your pool Repair needs. I have never had a complaint about their work or attitudes. The owners are very attentive and so kind. Thank you for taking great care of our pool.
Mike Sanders
Happy Customer

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Most frequent questions and answers

To keep your pool clean, you want to invest in a quality pool filter for the water. You also need to hire an experienced cleaner who knows what they are doing. Contact Simunye Pool Services now for a free estimate!

It depends. We recommend that our clients clean pools and hot tubs once a month. If that is not possible, two or three times a year is better than nothing at all.

We are great at our work so you don’t have to worry about hiring someone else. Simunye Pool Services has been in the business of offering pool maintenance services and general cleaning services for more than a decade.

Yes. Simunye Pool Services offers annual pool maintenance and cleaning service that includes regular inspections, chemical adjustments, algae removal of every fibreglass surface, and tools to keep the water in your pool clean during the winter season before it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

To price a project, we usually prepare an estimate. For an accurate estimate, it’s best if you can give us more details about what you need. Requesting a free quote doesn’t obligate you to anything either way and our estimators will be happy to answer any questions that are related to pricing as well as any other concerns you might have!

Yes, we have a great experience with residential and commercial pools. Some of our services include pool cleaning, water testing, jet vacuuming, maintenance of chemical balances and systems.


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