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Simunye Pool Services was founded in 1997 with a vision to bring innovative and cost-effective pool solutions to residential, retail, and commercial entities. Our team consists of six highly trained and skilled technicians, as well as twelve cleaning staff.

We also employ casual staff to help us deal with the excess demand for labour when installing new units. We have a solid core value system that serves as the skeleton of our organization and focuses on a customer-centric approach which we apply to every job. We successfully service over 80 pools a week and pride ourselves on a proven track record.

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Our mission is to continue to provide the best possible service to our clients by being professional, reliable, and consistent.

What separates us from our competition is our ability to source the best resources directly from wholesalers at a fraction of the cost which allows us to provide the best pool care service at a reasonable price. We use the latest industrial pool cleaning and maintenance techniques such as Dolphin and Polaris to ensure that your pool is at its best sparkle.

We invest a lot of our resources into research and development to ensure that we bring you the best pool maintenance technology and architectural solutions to meet every taste. Below are some of the reason why most of the clients choose us:

  • Affordable
  • Qualified Technicians
  • Professional
  • Great Customer Experience


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